What Virtual Assistant Services Should You Offer?

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A question that I'm frequently asked, “What Virtual Assistant Services should I offer?"

Well, that answer is easy, whatever services a Virtual Assistant LOVES to do.

It is true!

Many people have the impression that a Virtual Assistant does only general administrative work. That may have been true when the Virtual Assistant industry first emerged, but it is no longer valid.

That is why I train and coach Virtual Experts.® I believe the industry has been elevated. I believe it so much, I started the Virtual Expert® movement.

In this video, I want to show you the types of work that a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® can specialize in and how the industry is developing.

Hi, I'm Kathy Goughenour, business coach and trainer exclusively for Virtual Experts.®

Years before the Covid-19 pandemic, I began promoting the incredible benefits of working with professional, problem-solving, pro-active Virtual Assistants. I call them profit-generating VAs. Many high-level business owners in the networking groups I belonged to had the misconception that a Virtual Assistant was just an entry-level administrative support assistant whose value was between $15 and $25 per hour, max.

As I explained how I train VAs to be profit-generating professionals, and the type of work the Virtual Assistants I trained offer, these business owners were blown away. That is when the idea of using the term Virtual Expert® was born.

I didn’t define the term when I asked business owners what they would pay a Virtual Assistant versus what they would pay a Virtual Expert.® Not surprisingly, they all agreed a Virtual Expert® should be paid a higher rate.

Because I believed the same, I got a trademark on the term Virtual Expert® and created a certification process for the participants in my training course.

Now, because of the pandemic, more VAs are needed, and more people are turning to a virtual career option.

Virtual Assistants and Virtual Experts® provide a wide range of services:

1. General administrative - yes, I do still promote this as an option. There is a need for someone to do the general administrative tasks for clients. And, yes, their pay range is $15 to $25/hr.

2. Creative - these are the Virtual Experts who love graphic design, create social media memes, and create videos.

3. Techie - these are my heroes because this is not me. They like to build websites, learn software platforms, and create membership sites.

4. Marketers -- this includes everything from creating and managing Facebook Ads to organic marketing on LinkedIn to building sales funnels.

5. Writers - there is a huge need for bloggers, content writers, video scriptwriters, email series writers, ghostwriters and sales page copywriters.

6.Real Estate VAs - A real estate agent needs support with everything I just mentioned, and they also need specialized services for listing coordination and transaction coordination.

As you can see, a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® can offer far more than general admin services.

Specializing in one area allows you to learn more about the specialty than someone who tries to do everything. When you know your specialty inside out, you can help your clients accomplish their goals quicker. And that holds a high value with business owners. You become that profit-generating VA I mentioned earlier … as well as a highly paid VA.

I’m curious to know what specialty appeals to you. Is there a service you’d love to focus on for your Virtual Expert business®? Comment below.

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