Meet Our Amazing Team of Virtual Expert® Coaches

Two decades ago, our Founder decided to quit her job and go out on her own.

Today, that little business has earned tens of thousands of dollars, has hundreds of members, a team of coaches leading the troops, and new students enrolling in the program regularly.


Our purpose is to help YOU create a successful business as a Virtual Expert®.

Photo of Kathy Goughenour
Kathy Goughenour
Head Coach & CEO

When Kathy walked out of her career in a fortune 500 company in 1997, she didn’t even know what a Virtual Assistant was – and neither did the rest of the world. Now, she’s a global leader in the industry. She’s the queen of Expert VAs® and Virtual Experts® and built her empire from the ground to nearly $1M. She reigns with sass, grace, heart, and a whole lot of good business acumen. She wants her mentees to fast track their success without having to hurdle through costly mistakes like she did.  

The corporate world didn’t know what to do with Kathy’s energy. She “laughed and smiled, too much” they said. And they certainly didn’t value her range of capabilities. She had a lot more to offer than generating mass amounts of Excel reports. So, when she walked out of her J.O.B., turning her back on the boss who criticized her and who told her she would never make her salary amount anywhere else, Kathy promised herself she would double it. And she did. Within her first three years, she earned six-figures, crushing the salary she had made. (She still likes to imagine that boss picking his jaw up off the floor.)


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By 2008, Kathy had not only experienced repeated success with her VA business, but she discovered she loved training other women to also attain their goals. A series of events led her down the path to creating the Expert VA ® and Virtual Expert® Success System. Her first group of trainees totaled 4 and two of them are still active within the community (Joyce Wright and Mary Hanley).  

Nineteen years later and she’s on the cusp of earning a million dollars, has over one thousand members in her closed Expert VA ® group, 200+ Alumni in her private group, thirteen coaches leading the troops, and new students enrolling in the program every day. 

In 2019 she was featured in Forbes. Kathy participates in several women’s masterminds. She rubs elbows with some of the best and most brilliant leaders, thinkers, and visionaries across the globe and within a variety of industries, working to matchmake them to their perfect Expert VA® and Virtual Experts®. 

While Kathy runs her virtual empire, she’s actually living in a tiny home in the middle of the Missouri Ozarks wearing pjs (not gowns). But the crown is a very real part of her ensemble. Kathy can be found sporting a tiara 98% of the time. Yes, you got it. Pjs and tiaras because that’s the type of kingdom she’s ruling. And why not? She gets to make the rules.  

Apart from loving the business she created and the life she’s made, Kathy’s also a big fan of her family, her golden retrievers, Thursday’s off to enjoy going into to town for self-care activities and lunch with girlfriends, mystery novels, and romantic comedies.  

Most importantly, what you need to know about Kathy is that more than anything else, she believes, sees, feels and models that what one woman can do, another can do. And if you talk to anyone in the program, they will agree. It’s true. They’ve seen it. They’ve become the “another woman” Kathy talks about.  

Location | Time Zone:  Missouri | Central Standard Time 


Photo of Kathy Goughenour
Joyce Wright
Virtual Expert® Coach

Joyce Wright, the owner of Accomplish More Today, specializes in getting membership websites launched, as well as ongoing updates and member support.  Her dedication to guiding her clients through the arduous undertaking of launching a membership website has garnered her loyal customers.  

She started her virtual assistant business in 2009 after completing the very first Expert VA® Training program. In addition to running her profitable business, she is a Virtual Expert® coach.

After a career in the telecommunications industry she was able to move to the country with her husband and work from their home in the woods.  Their property seems to be on the trail of lost animals so she currently has 3 dogs and 2 cats who were in need of a home.  She is a people person and enjoys taking time to make contacts and socialize at business networking events. Joyce also finds participating in a variety of volunteer activities very rewarding and a way to help her community and society in general.  

Joyce’s well-deserved nickname in the Virtual Expert® Community is “Saint Joyce!” 



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Location/Time Zone: Missouri / Central Time zone 

Niche(s): MemberGate membership websites, 1ShoppingCart, AWeber, iContact 

Fun Facts

Favorite success quote: "All progress takes place outside the comfort zone." -- Michael John Bobak 

Hobbies/Pets: Reading, jigsaw puzzles, walking in the woods, volunteering / 3 dogs – Buddy, Charlie and Lulu; 2 cats – Mama and Boo 

Hidden Talent: I can read a map and have a good sense of direction. 

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Photo of Kathy Goughenour
Jennifer Tamborski
Mastermind Coach

I started as a VA in 2004, as the VA industry was just getting started. I wanted a job where I could work from home and raise my 3 kids. And I found that in the VA world.  

As I look back I see that what I created was a job and not a business. In 2014, my kids had reached an age where I felt I could really focus on my business. So I started to grow rapidly. I developed a team and began taking on clients in all different industries. I struggled for 2 years trying to create a profitable business. What I learned was that I needed help! I needed a coach that had been there and done that, someone who could show me the way to get to 6 figures and beyond that I wanted.  

I came across Kathy and her Expert VA program in 2017. After one conversation I decided to jump in and really focus on how to grow my business. Because of that decision, my business went from making $20/hr with a team, not really making a profit. To a multiple 6 figure business. 

Now I focus on Digital Marketing to coaches, consultants and course creators. I'm able to choose the clients I want to work with, I get to have a team of amazing Va's behind me. The best part is that I still get to make my business fit my life. My family is still the most important thing in my world and because the growth of my business I'm able to do amazing things for them.  


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The Expert VA® program gave me not only the education I needed on how to develop a successful business but also gave me a community of people that get me. Because I truly believe in Kathy's saying "What one woman can do, another woman can do" I decided to start coaching for the Expert VA/Virtual Expert program. I'm passionate about helping VA's reach that next level of business. Whether they are starting from scratch OR have been in business for a while and trying to make it to that next level.  

As a coach, I will tell you, I don't coddle. I will help you with your mindset and any questions you might have about the logistics of your business and the program. I will be an accountability partner for you, but I won't be a babysitter.  I believe that this is your business and you either want to do the work to build it or you don't. 

Location/Time Zone: Missouri | CST 




Niche(s): Primarily coaches 

Fun Facts

Favorite success quote: Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History ~ Eleanor Roosevelt & Do not go where the path may lead; instead go where the is no path and leave a trail! ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Hobbies/Pets: I love reading, baking & crocheting. Basically, I'm a 1950's housewife :) We have 2 dogs, a turtle & a bearded dragon 

Hidden Talent: I'm not sure how hidden it is. But often I have more information in my head about random items than Wikipedia :) 

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Cindy Winslow
Mastermind Coach

I’ve had the desire to be a teacher my entire life. I used to play school using my bedroom closet door as a chalkboard to help my imaginary students learn the day's lessons. I was always the student who helped other students. So when I was offered the opportunity to become the trainer for my real estate office, I jumped at the chance. Helping new and experienced real estate agents grow their businesses reinforced my love of helping others through education.

Naturally, when I decided to open a real estate virtual assistant business, I looked for ways to learn about the industry. I started taking a free webinar here and an inexpensive course there until I was introduced to Kathy and her Virtual Expert® Training program. After my free Breakthrough Session with her, I was impressed by the amount of information she gave me for free and all I had yet to learn. After that, I knew coaching with her would be a worthwhile investment in my business. That was in mid-2014, and I have consistently coached with Kathy since then and am now a member of the Emerald Elite Mastermind group.

When Kathy offered me an opportunity to coach for her program, I again jumped at the chance to help others build their business. I am currently the writing coach at the mastermind level and a start-up level coach. I also facilitate a group for Highly Sensitive Virtual Experts®, focusing on helping highly sensitive people manage their energy to run their businesses effectively.

Through my experience as a coach for the program helping students determine their niche, I had a huge ah-ha moment. Realizing I created a business by default (doing what I knew), I shifted my niche in 2021. So now I do what I love, writing copy and content for personal and professional development coaches and creatives.

Coaching allows me to help those ready to grow their business with the support they need to reach their goals. I love working with individuals to face challenges, develop plans, improve their mindset, and build confidence. Building a business can be hard work, but it can be great fun too!


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In my free time, I enjoy life at the lake where my husband and I live in Western Pennsylvania, playing with my grandchildren and spending time with family and friends. I have two adult daughters, four step-children, eleven grandchildren (yes, I’m too young to have that many!), and one small dog.

Location/Time Zone: Mercer, PA / Eastern Time 

Niche(s): copywriting

Fun facts: 

Favorite success quote: "Make sure everyone who works with you or for you, feels the need to tell others about the incredible experience." Chris Murray 

Hobbies/Pets: Boating, sewing, crocheting, playing with grandchildren. Pets - Callie - Westie Mix

Hidden Talent: Can twirl a baton 

Expert VA® Directory Link: 


Eva Harster
Virtual Expert® Coach

Hello!  I am Eva “the Certified Virtual Expert® Diva”!  I believe in Kathy and this Virtual Expert® training program.  I see every day how it changes the lives of women across the country.  It’s incredible to be a part of such an amazing team.  I’m blessed to have the ability and opportunity to help those just joining our program to navigate through the lessons, give them the confidence, support, and guidance they need to become successful business owners.

I find humor is the best cure for many things.  If you can’t laugh… at least at yourself… then you’re making life waaay too hard.  We have a lot of fun in this group.  However, there are frustrations, ups and downs and even “AARRRGGHHH… throw your hands in the air” moments during which you’ll be so thankful you work at home, and no one can see you! Ha Ha. It isn’t always easy nor is it always fun – but it’s YOURS and that is super empowering. 

You joined this program to become a Virtual Expert®, to be your own boss, to have flexibility and make your own decisions.  Congratulations!  You have surrounded yourself with a group of professional, successful, supportive, and overall happy group of business owners.  Everything here is designed to set up conditions for your inevitable success. 


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My philosophy:  Get out of your own way!  I learned the hard way when I joined the program in January 2018 that I was my own worst enemy!  Sound familiar?  It’s SO easy to do… but I won’t let you be me! LOL!  I care about you and your success.  So, whether you need your hand held, threatened with my bat, or a swift kick in the rear, I am looking forward to coaching you on your Virtual Expert® journey.

Location | Time Zone:        Rural St. Louis, MO  |  Central Time (CT)

Niche(s): Sales, Sales Support, Client Onboarding, Client Concierge

Fun Facts:

Favorite success quote: Get OUT of your way so you can get ON your way!

Hobbies/Pets: My office mates are my cats – Sophie – aka Squirrel and Owen – aka NOwen (because I’m always telling him NO!)  I love creepy, supernatural books and movies (not slasher films!), riding horses and four wheelers and hanging out in the great outdoors – However, I do NOT love spiders!  I believe NOTHING should have more than 4 legs!

Hidden Talent: I was Class Clown 1984… still funny after all these years! 

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Kate Wiley
Virtual Expert® Coach

Kate Wiley is a multi-talented professional and Certified Virtual Expert® / Virtual Assistant.  Coming from a varied background which includes being a school teacher and music educator, a math tutor, a chemical engineer, an insurance agent, and a real estate agent, Kate has worn many hats.  She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Akron.   

As a coach, Kate brings her vast understanding of how to reach and educate her students and marries it with experience and a great understanding of the business.  She has a unique ability to discover the best ways to reach her students and presents that information in a challenging yet low-stress delivery. Music students have said, “I never thought anyone could ever teach me how to do this!” Her goal, as your coach, is to help you achieve the best business you can create and attain the success you desire


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Location | Time Zone:   Ohio | Eastern Time Zone 

Niche(s): Technology, CRMs, and building/maintaining WordPress websites 

Fun Facts: 

Favorite success quote: What matters most is how you see yourself.

Hobbies/Pets: My hobbies include knitting and playing instruments.  I have 3 dogs, 1 cat and 8 chickens.

Hidden Talent: I can milk a goat in less than 5 minutes.  

Expert VA® Directory Link: 


Melissa St. Clair
Virtual Expert® Coach

Certified Virtual Expert® Melissa St. Clair, is the Chief Worker Bee at Paper Chaser Biz LLC, a virtual-based company established in 2006 providing a wide array of online office support services for small business owners with a focus on communications, operations, and administration. She made a beeline to entrepreneurship to thrive professionally alongside her active-duty service member, then made a seamless transition as a USMC retiree spouse. Melissa has shared her small business expertise on multiple media platforms, was quoted in Julie Perrine’s book, Become a Procedures Pro™ and is the author of Home Work A Collection of Poems Sparked by One White Woman’s Journey on the Matter of Race©.

Working as a Virtual Assistant (VA) has been the ideal portable career for me as I wanted to thrive professionally alongside my US Marine during his 30 years of active duty service. Moves from duty station to duty station were seamless for my clients, enabled me to earn a consistent income, afforded an opportunity to build and diversify my professional network, and make a ton of long-lasting friendships. Along the way, my mission has been to mentor military spouses and prospective entrepreneurs about small business startup.


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Coaching style: I am a Virgo so I am very methodical, process-oriented, and will be your biggest cheerleader.

Location/Time Zone: Greenville, SC | EST

Niche(s): Small Business Operations, Communications, Executive Office

Fun Facts:

Favorite success quote: “Value YOUR time so you can spend time doing what you value.” -Melissa St. Clair

Hobbies/Pets: health-conscious foodie, yogi, 2 indoor cats

Hidden Talent: knack for finding 4-leaf clovers

Expert VA® Directory Link: 


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LaRinda Lollis

"Usually if you get into a program it’s like they’ll take anyone and everyone that applies…Kathy’s not like that. She wants people who are excited about the program, about starting their next phase of life, and who want to better their life. And she’s there every step of the way as our cheerleader."

Larisa Banta

"I am still making up my mind on what my business is going to be but I'm tossing around some options with Kathy's help.
I have a better idea of what my business is going to be, how I am going to work my business, and what kind of a business I can have that works for me. Not just work my business but work for me."


Dan Rondeau

"I have gone from having no clients to about five and I have left my full time job. So, if you really want to dive into becoming a virtual assistant and being in the virtual assistant business, take the time to sign up for Kathy Goughenour’s program!"