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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Here’s How To Harness This Amazing Business Tool

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With the deluge of news coverage, “artificial intelligence” (AI), which is also called “machine learning,” seems to be everywhere. Plus, it seems a little creepy because there are ominous rumblings about its capacity to “think” like a human being and, oh by the way, whether it will destroy the world, or not!

First things first. 

This much-ballyhooed technology is a business tool, not a creature from outer space. AI does not “think.” It processes data, like the old school adding machines started doing about a century ago. This has been called “learning” because, with modern computational capacity, AI stores vast amounts of this data and then uses it to predict what this previous collected data has taught us is likely to occur in present time.

For freelancers, virtual assistants, or Virtual Experts®, technology such as AI can dramatically improve productivity and help you complete projects quicker and more profitably. The trick is to understand how to use it.


Three “Futures” With or Without AI

Kathy Goughenour, Founder & CEO of Virtual Expert ® training, has seen lots of changes in corporate America - some sad and some inspiring. Because of this, she is the ideal messenger to explain what AI means to virtual business owners. 

According to Kathy, “As a freelancer, virtual assistant, Virtual Expert® or online business owner, you are going to experience one of these three ‘futures,’ depending on whether you choose to embrace or ignore AI

Future #1: If you keep doing what you were doing before AI, your business will go from bad to worse, and you will fall behind financially by YEARS.

Future #2: If you keep doing the same things but work harder than you ever have before, struggling all the while, your business will stay the same…IF YOU’RE LUCKY. This is a big IF. It assumes that all your competitors are also fearful of AI.

Future #3: If you upgrade your mindset and skill set, adapt your strategy, and focus on finding the massive opportunities in AI (while others are running for the hills in fear), not only will your business survive, but your business will also double or triple in growth.”  

Intelligent Automation

“Artificial Intelligence is transforming how businesses work now,” Kathy notes. “And you can start using it to unlock your true potential and reimagine what’s possible in your business—even if you have zero technical background.

“Today, you can use AI to intelligently automate hundreds of repetitive marketing tasks to some degree, including: 

  • Developing budgets
  • Creating content (ad copy, articles, books, elevator speeches, personalizing emails)
  • Discovering insights in analytics
  • Creating images and much more

“You don’t have to know computer science, data science, or machine learning (thank goodness!) to take advantage of this business tool. All you must do is understand what AI is and what it’s capable of doing that YOU want it to do.

“As entrepreneurs, freelancers, VAs and VEs understand where the “rubber meets the road.” One of the most important considerations is How Do Clients and Prospects Feel About AI?

“Recent research is overwhelming on this critical question: 

  • 84% of business owners surveyed believe AI should be a top priority in 2023.
  • 82% believe AI is now a key feature of marketing.

“Of course, these numbers may be reflective of the massive press coverage about AI, which, ironically is being driven by AI! However, this shows that current and potential clients “feel like” AI is important, and so, for now it is.” 

What This Means for You

We don’t need artificial intelligence to read the writing on the wall. As a freelancer, VA, VE or online business owner, Kathy suggests what is needed to thrive now.

Accept the benefits of ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI) or get left behind.

Learn how to use ChatGPT only for those tasks YOU perform. Don’t waste time going down the “rabbit hole” of trying to learn how to use this chatbot for tasks your clients don’t need or that you don’t need for your own business.

Beware of tech creep. You don’t need a bunch of AI tools. Stay hyper-focused with your initial GPT you use to avoid paying for unnecessary tools. Start with free ChatCPT. Test the tools for 90 days, fully use the features and capabilities, and make sure you’re fully trained on how to get value out of the tool. After 90 days, make a judgment call on whether to keep it. Prices are changing quickly on all AI tools, and they will go up and down drastically as the market figures this out.  

Move to value pricing. Hourly pricing will become obsolete quickly, due to the speed at which GPT works. I will cover this in more detail in my upcoming webinar. 

Let your clients know you use AI. Tell them how you can help their businesses grow faster and easier because YOU are using AI. Don’t forget to add this information to your marketing and discovery calls.

Every business needs a virtual assistant, including those that ARE virtual assistants! AI can be that virtual assistant when your business needs to be more productive and profitable. We have a FREE webinar on how YOU can use AI in your company, and you can join by simply clicking here.


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