How to Be a Successful Virtual Assistant

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I get asked all the time what makes a successful Virtual Assistant. As though there was a special recipe. 

It makes me think of grandkids marveling at the delight of their grandma’s “secret sauce”  and wanting to know what is in it that makes it so exceptional. And, more importantly, can they replicate her recipe if she gives it to them? 

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m an open book. I don’t have secrets. What I know, I share.

Today I want to share these facts with you: 

  • There are some central ingredients in becoming a successful Virtual Assistant. 
  • That doesn’t mean they are fast or cheap ingredients to come by. 

In other words, knowing the ingredients doesn’t guarantee anything. It’s how you use them. 

 Successful Virtual Assistants possess habits that empower them to face challenges, believe in themselves, and accomplish their goals. 

The keyword there is “habits.” Habits are actions. So, it’s not just in knowing the ingredients, it’s applying them. 

Here are two ingredients to KNOW and APPLY in your recipe for success: 

 The first: Set Goals 

Set manageable goals ... and then add something more so that they are slightly out of reach and make you a little uncomfortable. 

Goals that scare you will keep you moving forward. They serve as motivation to accomplish something beyond what you’ve ever thought possible. 

Setting these big goals says you believe in yourself, you have confidence in what you can achieve, and you have the power to accomplish whatever you set your mind to do.

Keep in mind one of my favorite quotes: “If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.”

The second: Make Plans. 

With your big goals now set, put a plan in place that leads you to your goal in a specific time frame. 

Set smaller goals that serve as stepping stones along the way so you don’t get overwhelmed and you set yourself up for success. 

Reaching each smaller goal builds your confidence and keeps you moving toward achievement. Celebrate each milestone you reach in your plan along the way. 

Start practicing these today. Take time to set new goals that stretch you beyond your comfort zone and then develop a plan to get there. 

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