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How To Find Virtual Assistant Clients During A Crisis

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There are more Virtual Assistant Clients than ever before.

Let’s talk about why the VA industry is growing so fast, and how you can find VA clients during this crisis.

Let's start with 3 reasons there are more VA and VE® clients than ever before:

1. The new normal is now working from home, virtually and remotely.

That means more business owners than ever are interested in working with Virtual Assistants and Virtual Experts®.

2. Business owners need help – both those with brick and mortar and online businesses.

They need help figuring out how to pivot from where they are now to where they need to be to keep their businesses thriving.

3. More people are buying MORE stuff online.

Clients need you to build websites, set up eCommerce, create content, provide marketing, and perform all the techie tasks ... to know a handful of things out of the hundreds of tasks needed.


With so many  VA and VE® clients,  here are some ways to find them during a crisis:

1. Do research to get to know your ideal clients:

- find out where they hang out online. Are they on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or some other social media site?

- Join the groups where they're hanging out

- find out what's keep them up at night. What problems they're facing that you can solve for them.

2. If you are brand new to the VA world, offer to do work for prospects for free (if you need time to learn) or at a discounted price (if you're good at what you do).

Create a contract that states exactly what you'll do and for how long and at what price -- even if you're providing the service for free.

For example, you can work for free for 30 days in exchange for the client providing you with a testimonial. At the end of the 30 days, if you've done a good job, the client may offer you a paid position.

3. If you are already good at the service you provide, offer a $10 per hour discount off your full price. Women in my Virtual Expert® Training typically charge $45/hr full price and will offer $35 per hour for the first 30 to 90 days they work with a client.

Giving a discount, that you put in writing, is a great way to get your foot in the door and demonstrate your expertise.

4. Network like crazy. Here are a few ways to do that:

- Join a professional job site. My favorite is "hire my mom." There you receive access to a large variety of legitimate job listings from vetted businesses.

- Build relationships with other companies who have the same ideal clients as you -- but who different services than you offer. You can refer clients to each other.

- Tell the world! Don't hide your light under a bushel. You never know who might know someone who needs your services.

Now to convert those potential clients into paying clients:

1. Offer a free consultation. During that conversation, ask questions to find out what the prospect needs help with, and determine if you're a good fit to provide what they need.


2. If you've had a VA business for a while, and you're still struggling to find clients, it's time to take training specifically on how to find, get, and keep clients.

To learn more about becoming a VA or how to find, get, and keep clients, subscribe to my YouTube channel.  (Be sure to like and comment while you’re there.)


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