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Why Is It Important To Select A Virtual Assistant Niche?

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I am frequently asked why it is important to have a Virtual Assistant niche?

I believe it is essential to select a niche for your Virtual Assistant business. Don’t confuse a niche with a target market. They are two distinctly different things. I define a niche as the skills you offer and a target market as the person who contracts your services.

There are many reasons why you should pick a VA niche, and probably the most interesting is that it increases your earning power!

Picking a niche is vital to a Virtual Assistant’s success. When you specialize in one particular service, it benefits you in 5 different ways.

Earning Power 

Does that mean you can charge higher rates? Yes, it does. I train women (and a few men) to specialize in a niche. They become the experts in their field. They know their area of expertise through and through, and they become the “go-to” expert. If you are the expert, of course, you can charge more than someone who will TRY to complete the project for a client. In my research, I found that people who are searching for Virtual Assistants really want Virtual Experts®. The qualities they seek are someone professional, proactive, and problem solver. They want people who can handle the work and don’t need to be micromanaged. 


Finding a niche that you love will bring that feeling of happiness and satisfaction to your work. I don’t promise every day will be a bed of roses, no business owner -- or for that matter human being -- has that. But I know you will have fewer BAD days when you specialize. Your passion will drive you to accomplish the tasks for the day and enjoy the work you’re performing. I recommend you find something that interests you and challenges you.

Easier Marketing 

A specialized service makes it easier to find the right target market. You can’t be everything to everybody. Describing your services can be done in a way your potential client will easily understand.

Easier to Become the Expert 

Specializing moves you from knowing a little bit about everything to knowing everything (or mostly everything) about one thing. You can delve into your niche and develop a great understanding. That makes you valuable to anyone who needs that service.

Easier to Get Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the easiest forms of marketing. When you are known as the “go-to” expert in any niche, you will be referred by others who know what you do. Don’t be the “secret agent” of your niche. Share your knowledge and expertise in groups by answering questions and sharing in the conversations. Once people know what you do and know that you are an expert in that field, they are more likely to refer you.

So how do you discover your niche? Participants in my Virtual Expert® program start by assessing the skills they already have and the skills that interest them. 

After evaluating the assessment, I have them narrow their areas of interest to their top 3. From there, they do their research in the potential niches. After thorough investigation, they can choose the niche that sparks their interest more than the others.

You may be wondering, “What if I hate it after I choose a particular niche?” 

It happens! The niche a Virtual Expert® chose just isn’t the right fit. Guess what? You aren’t married to it. 

You can go back to your assessment and re-evaluate. It is as important to know what you don’t like as knowing what you like.

I asked business owners what they would pay for a Virtual Assistant, and the hourly rate was minimal. Their perception was someone who would do general administrative work for them. 

When I asked what they would pay for a Virtual Expert®, they said they would pay an hourly rate more than double what they’d pay a VA!

The business owners’ perception of a Virtual Expert® was someone who offered specialized services and would thus be more valuable to them.

Virtual Experts® specialize in so many different areas. Digital marketing, membership sites, online learning platforms, social media management, LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook marketing, Blogging, Email and calendar management, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. 

What is your Virtual Assistant niche? We've created this short quiz to find out!

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