Why Hotel Industry Workers Make Exceptional Virtual Assistants

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People aren’t barreling into the Holiday Inn or Hilton or Marriott right now. Travel - for any reason - is at an all-time low which is leaving hotels quiet and empty.

As someone who works in the hotel and hospitality industry, what do you do?

No one is making reservations, calling from Room 355 with a request, or wanting to book the conference room for their event.

Who knows how long the travel industry will be suspended and the hotel lobby empty.  So how do you continue to professionally thrive, pay your bills, and use the specific skills you have that make you good at what you do?

You can become a Virtual Assistant.

Here’s why Hotel Industry Professionals, like you, can easily transition your skills into a career as a well-paid Virtual Assistant:

Hotels are all about customer care and hospitality. People will remember how their stay was based on the friendliness and care of the staff.  From the guest concierge to the front desk receptionist, to the hotel manager, to the events/conference coordinator, how they treat people and the information they provide is paramount to the way people feel when they leave. Some might even decide to never again stay at a hotel chain based solely on the way they were treated.

People who have worked in the hotel industry make successful VAs because:

  • they're usually familiar with systems. Think about the number of systems the front desk receptionist probably needs to know to book a person’s reservation, help in the event of a flight delay, assist in local transportation, and resolve payment issues.

As a hotel industry professional, you have excellent people skills which makes you ideal for working with your VA clients directly and also working with their clients’ clients.

If you were a part of arranging hotel events/conferences then you have experience in planning events and the number of tasks and details that are involved.

Here are five services a prior hotel industry professional would enjoy and earn a great income providing as a VA:

  1. Community management for those business owners who have Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or membership groups
  2. Client concierge and customer support services
  3. Virtual event planning for now -- and live event planning as an add-on in the future after COVID
  4. Client database and resource management
  5. Systems and operations support

If you're a hotel professional you have skills and experience that can be leveraged into a successful virtual-based business. Become a VA.

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