Mistakes Can Happen When You Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant

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Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Mistakes are part of being human. You’re bound to make some mistakes along the way. 


As a Virtual Assistant, you work from home for multiple clients juggling multiple projects. No matter how careful you are, mistakes will happen. 


So, if mistakes are inevitable, what do we do when they happen? 


First, we hold ourselves accountable. 

 We self-acknowledge we made a mistake. Accept that we made a mistake, giving ourselves some grace. 


Again, no one is perfect and everyone makes them. Beating ourselves up doesn’t make it disappear and it also doesn’t fix it. 


Then, we own our mistakes to those it impacts - our clients, vendors, or team members.


We approach this with courage and honesty. We also correct, revise, adjust, or amend whatever it is that has happened. If it’s something beyond our control or wheelhouse, we ask for help and support. 


Once the mistake is acknowledged, owned, and corrected, we reflect. 


What did I learn from that?


The key here is to not obsess over your failures. Accept the mistake, make improvements, create a new plan if necessary, and move on.


Instead of allowing a mistake to set you back, use it as an opportunity to take something away from the experience that you didn’t know before or that you would do differently next time. 


Your mistakes are valuable if they are used to learn from and improve your future.


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