Maintaining a Work/Life Balance While Working from Home as a Virtual Assistant

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Working from home is a great lifestyle. But it is important to establish a healthy work/life balance when working from home as a Virtual Assistant. It is hard to keep work from creeping into your personal time and your personal time from creeping into your work time. 

 Defining work/life balance can be different for everyone. You need to be clear on what balance looks like for you so that you can structure your day to meet your expectations. Not having a healthy work/life balance will cause you undue stress and chaos that cancels many of the benefits of creating your own Virtual Assistant business.


So how do you create an environment to support this balance in your life?


1. Get ready for work every day. 

Just because you are not commuting, doesn't mean you shouldn't have a morning ritual. Many of the Virtual Experts® in my group start the day with a morning routine that might include reflective time, exercise, a good breakfast, a shower, and then dress for the day. Once that routine is complete, they are ready to start their workday. There is power in the habit of preparing yourself for work each day.

2. Create a dedicated workspace for yourself. 

You may not have space for a private office, but you can carve out a corner of a room to have a place you go to every day for work. Some people use their dining room, a corner of the living room, or a bedroom. I know one Virtual Expert® who set up an office in her bathroom. It was the only space in the house she could find, and she made it work.

3. Maintain regular office hours.

If you were working outside the home, you would have regular hours to be at your J.O.B. You also need to establish regular work hours for your Virtual Assistant business. You may find yourself working outside those designated hours occasionally, but that should be the exception, not the rule. Your hours may not be traditional 9 to 5. You get to decide what fits best for you.

4.Be intentional about taking breaks. 

It is essential to build in some break time in your day. Take 30 minutes or an hour to make yourself a healthy lunch to fuel your body for the rest of your day. You may want to take some time to get outside and walk around the block. Do something that will energize you and recharge your mind. Don't let your lifestyle become sedentary.

5. Create an end of day ritual.

An exceptional Virtual Expert® will create a routine of reviewing what was accomplished that day, look forward to future deadlines, and time block what will need to be accomplished the following day. This simple practice will prevent you from worrying that you forgot to do something important. After your daily review, celebrate all that you accomplished.

6.Close the door at the end of your workday. 

Working from home makes it harder to forget about your work. Leave your office and shut the door. If you do not have a separate office, turn off your computer and walk away! Imagine closing a door as you leave. Don't go back until it is time to work again.

7. Plan what you will do after work. 

Maybe you will take a brisk walk, play games with the kids, or watch a movie. Having something to look forward to at the end of the day will make it easier to stop working. It will help you decompress and recharge for the next day.


Many women are attracted to the Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® career path because they can work from home. However, it can be challenging to separate yourself from your work when your work is always nearby. It takes intention to structure your day to keep work and life in balance. Being proactive rather than reactive in your Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® business is key to helping you maintain that balance.


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