How to Get Over Your Fear of Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business

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What is getting in your way of starting your Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® business? If you’re like most women, fear is the likely culprit. Does the fear of failure or fear of not being good enough, get in your way of starting a business to finally live the life you’ve always imagined? You’re not alone.

In this article, I will share tips on how to get over your fear of starting your Virtual Assistant Business and do it anyway.

Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Starting Your Virtual Expert Business:


Surround Yourself with Support

When starting your VE business, you need friends, family, and colleagues to help shoulder some of the fear and anxiety that come along with starting a new business. Your support system will help you set realistic expectations of yourself and hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

They can help you stay balanced, celebrate your successes, or just be there when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

When you’re forging new ground, it’s always helpful to have family, friends, and colleagues who are there to support you throughout the journey.


Be Patient with Yourself

Fear is a normal response when starting anything new. Avoid the temptation to be hard on yourself because you feel afraid. Instead of ignoring your fear, use it as a source of motivation.

It’s important to forgive yourself throughout the entire process of building your VE business. This is new and you’re learning as you go; perfection is not an attainable or desirable goal. Focus on moving forward, not perfecting.

Be patient with yourself. Without forgiveness and patience, you’ll burn yourself out trying to reach the unattainable goal of perfection.


Take a Leap of Faith

Too often, women put off their happiness or give in to the fear of taking risks. I have personally been guilty of that.

The #1 thing that held me back from growing my business even faster was fear of taking risks. Let my experience guide you. Take bigger risks earlier and faster.

Some women cannot even get started due to fear. They put off taking the next step thinking, “I’ll start this when the time is just right.” Often this lands you stuck in a vicious cycle of planning and planning to plan without ever taking action.

So, while it’s important to research and plan to make well-informed decisions, it’s also important to take that leap of faith when starting your own Virtual Expert® business. You can’t succeed if you never try. Therefore, it’s important to stare fear in the face and take the leap of faith to commit to starting your business.

You can think about it all you want and you can wait until the moment is right, but that will only extend the time it takes you to reach your goals. No time is better than now to reach your potential, discover success, and live the life of your dreams.


Invest in a Coach

Finding a coach who has already done what you want to do to guide you through the process of starting a Virtual Assistant business is crucial to success. In fact, having a coach is the #1 key to business success according to every statistic I could find.

Your coach will guide you, be your cheerleader, help you problem-solve, and provide the knowledge and experience needed to achieve your goals.


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