Did You Know Teachers and Educators Make Awesome Virtual Assistants?

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Teachers and educators typically join the education profession because they want to work with young people, and they want to make a difference. They get joy out of the creativity of teaching.

Unfortunately, the enjoyment of the profession is often diminished due to a poor work environment, lack of respect, and overwhelming stress.

A survey conducted a few years ago showed that 73% of teachers have considered leaving the profession – mostly due to workload. More than 54% said that they did not think they’d be teaching in 10 years. Almost a quarter imagined they’d move on, in half that time. And all those statistics were before the pandemic.


Imagine how many more teachers are considering leaving the profession due to the coronavirus outbreak?

A survey conducted in May 2020, surveyed almost 2,000 teachers and educators. Two-thirds say they’re concerned about the health implications of resuming in-person instruction. And some say the coronavirus outbreak—and its dramatic effects on schooling—has increased the likelihood that they will leave the classroom altogether.

If you are one of those teachers or educators who is making the tough choice between staying or going, I’ve got great news for you.

There’s a career option just waiting for you. (Like as soon as you’re done reading this post you can click and be on your way to the next step.)

You can become a Virtual Assistant.

Let’s start with why I recommend this career path for you as a teacher or educator.

It fulfills your desire to make a difference and to experience joy in creativity. Teachers and educators are incredibly successful as Virtual Assistants — I’ve personally trained many teachers on how to become successful VAs.

And you can replace your entire income working from home, or anywhere you’d like, as a VA.

Why are teachers and educators like you so successful as VAs?

  • Teachers can command a classroom with multiple individual personalities and lead them through learning collectively. (They also do not forget they each have strengths as well as areas they need to improve.)
  • You are a serious taskmaster and timekeeper, always operating off a schedule.
  • Educators know when this class or subject ends and another begins.
  • You keep track of which assignment is due when or how you’re going to get your curriculum planning or grading achieved.

Above all else, VAs need to be able to balance having multiple clients in their portfolio at one time. While a VA may have seven clients, each client needs to feel like they’re the only one in their VA’s universe.

Who better than a teacher who already knows what it’s like to juggle the needs of multiple people at one time?

Add to that amazing communication, public speaking, and planning skills, and you’ve got a VA who can easily support business owners. Business owners need help in planning and developing presentations, courses, training, and workshops that deliver content to their intended audience.

Here are five services educators/teachers could offer as a VA:

  1. Writing: Articles, blog posts, social media content, email campaigns, and video scripts like this one … There is a never-ending need for new content
  2. Proofreading, editing, and repurposing content: See above list
  3. Presentation/curriculum development
  4. Course/training creation and auditing
  5. Training teams — including new freelancers and employees

Are you rethinking life as a teacher/educator and wondering what to do next? Or wondering how you can leverage all the years of experience you have into something that pays well?  Become a VA.

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