Why Travel Agents Fly To Success As Virtual Assistants

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by Kathy Goughenour

Planes are grounded. Airlines are suffering. People heading places to see new sights, take vacations, go to conferences, or visit family is at an all-time low.

Everyone is gathering virtually. In fact, people are even going to the zoo or museums online just to get the slightest taste of the travel they long to do.

Who knows how long the travel industry will be suspended?  What do you do then as a travel agent with no one to send anywhere? How do you continue to professionally thrive, pay your bills, and use the specific skills you have that make you good at what you do?

 You become a Virtual Assistant.

Travel Agents make exceptional VAs. Here’s why:

As a travel agent, you are excellent at truly getting to know the travelers you help. To create the most customized travel arrangements, you ask questions, truly listen, and learn the preferences of your clients - from what modes of transportation they like, to hotel chains they prefer, to where they want to sit on an airplane.

When you plan traveler's trips, you provide a package that is as specific to the requirements of the traveler(s) as possible. All of this requires strong communication and active listening skills, extensive research, attention to detail, organization, and planning.

Virtual Assistants must listen and effectively communicate with their clients so they understand what’s being asked of them. VAs also need to know their client and their client’s business so well that they can be proactive about what might be asked next, later, or in the event of something happening.

Since a VA has multiple clients with multiple projects, just like travel agents,  organization, attention to detail, and planning is required no matter what the VAs tasks are.

Here are five services that are a great fit for Travel Agents to offer as VAs:

  1. Lead generation and strategic networking
  2. Client concierge, support, or service
  3. Research and reporting
  4. Executive assistance including calendar management
  5. Virtual event planning

When travel is once again popular, as a VA, you can also assist your VA clients with their travel arrangements.

If your job isn’t taking off anymore it's time to consider a career that can still take off, even if you’re at home in your pajamas. You can leverage all of your skills and all your years of experience into something that pays - become a VA.

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