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Is Your Career Stuck? There are 3 Ways to Change This, Forever

3 ways to advance a career kathy gougenhour virtual business webinar work from home opportunities Sep 08, 2022

It’s been said that good things come in groups of “3.” If you are tired of working for someone else, while getting little, if any, appreciation, and respect, much less a competitive, living wage, there are three alternatives to change your career and dramatically improve your life. 

Oh, and the best part? It will take you about one hour to learn them and the lesson is free.

Everyone who survived the COVID - pandemic learned many enlightening things. We learned how precious our family is. We learned more than we ever wanted to know about handwashing! And we learned that working from home (WFH) is not only possible, but more productive than a traditional workspace. It is not surprising that once the WFH “genie” escaped from the bottle, or the cubicle, “work” would never be the same. 

Thousands of former employees have realized the dream of starting a well-paying, at-home business. This has allowed them to work when and where they want, provide valuable services and work with people they enjoy being around, cash in on the skills they already have and take control of their future. In short, these former employees, who are most likely just like you, are building a life they have always wanted.


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An Expert on Starting a Virtual Business

Kathy Goughenour, a well-known expert on launching and building a virtual business, is the presenter for this webinar and to suggest that she’s passionate about the subject is an understatement. Why? She’s been an under-appreciated, under-paid employee and decided that “enough was enough!”

“I’ve been in an unfulfilling job,” Kathy said. “I’ve had bosses who not only didn’t appreciate my contributions, but barely knew my name. All that changed when I figured out a better plan. This is what I am sharing now.”

During the one-hour workshop, attendees will discover several life-changing tactics. These include:

  • The 3 alternatives to advance a new career and potentially earn $2K, $5K or $10K+ monthly
  • The tools needed to start and grow a well-paying, at-home, virtual business 
  • How quickly this virtual business can yield $2K, $5K and $10K+ monthly 
  • How many working hours a week are required 
  • How to find, get and keep high-paying clients

Earnings vary depending on many factors, including the type of virtual business. 

“This is a fabulous time to start a virtual business,” Kathy concluded. “Online conferencing tools have advanced to the point where anyone with a computer and internet connection can be “open for business” in minutes. When this technology is combined with an individual’s talent and skills, developed over a lifetime, the opportunity is fantastic!” 

This event has passed, but you can watch the replay here and learn how to change your life forever!

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