Increase Your VA Business’s Productivity and Profitability

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One of the best ways to increase your profitability is to increase your productivity. That’s because the more tasks you can complete, the higher your income. (Oh YEAH)

When you increase your productivity you’re happier because you don’t feel like you’re wasting time, and you feel more fulfilled.

When you increase your profitability, you’re happier because … well, you know why … you have more money, honey.

Here are 5 ways to increase productivity and profitability

  1. Ask for what you want

According to Steve Jobs, “Most people never pick up the phone. Most people never call and ask. And that’s what separates the people who do things from those who just dream.”

  1. Don’t allow other people to steal your energy

If you want to be productive, setting up a distraction-free environment isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must. Getting in the zone to do deep work, however, isn’t only about turning off your phone and having the discipline to not scratch your email itch. It’s also about learning how to silence the daily annoyances that come up throughout the day.

Everyone gets cut off in traffic. Each of us gets criticized. Everyone has disagreements with co-workers and loved ones.

The difference is, however, when it’s time to work, productive people choose to focus on what’s in front of them instead of complaining about the problems around them.

Productivity is all about energy management. Don’t allow the negative actions of others to steal your valuable headspace.

  1. Have the discipline to stop working.

When the workday is over, productive people remind themselves that they’ve done enough. They don’t have to be called three times to dinner. They’ve learned that the most effective way to get their ideas to connect is by being the type of person who allows themselves to disconnect.

  1. Own your mistakes and learn from them

It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. What matters is learning from mistakes so you can continue to grow.

  1. Identify what is slowing you down

Ask yourself questions like:

What depleted my energy today?

Who brought me down today?

Is this task the most effective use of my time?

Then, create a “stop-doing” list for the people and activities that slow you down.

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