Imagine Being Happy and Valued in Your Profession

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Virtual Assistants (VAs) and Virtual Experts® (VEs) make the business world a better place to be in. Across the globe, VAs and VEs are removing tasks from business owners’ and entrepreneurs’ shoulders so they can stay in their zone of genius. The VA/VE is happy because they get to focus their services on those they enjoy. Businesses of all sizes thrive as a result. Better yet, everyone is happy and everyone feels successful. Happiness is important, even in our careers.

 We as human beings need to feel seen. Heard. Appreciated. Valued. And when it comes to our contribution to a business, corporation, organization, or individual, we want what we bring to the table (experience, skills, education, accolades, connections) to matter more than implicit biases clouding the view of our excellence. We want to be given a chance to succeed and contribute.

We want to be paid for what our knowledge and contributions are worth and offered opportunities that our knowledge and contributions deserve.

Imagine a business world where people are specifically selected for how they can advance the business’ mission. . . a business world where people are hired based on skill and experience and recommendations - not on perceived or known age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. And, people are paid what they are worth regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

A business world that breaks down barriers does exist.

I believe that this business world - a business world that breaks down and through barriers- does exist. It exists for VAs and VEs. Running your own virtual-based business means you exist on an even playing field. As the owner of your business, you have the authority to make decisions about who you work with, how much you earn, what title and role you take, the team members or colleagues you surround yourself with, and more.

No VA or VE has to work with anyone that’s going to short change them based on a matter of their age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

As a VA/VE, you’re no longer submitting your resume to potential employers wondering if you’ll make it through the interview door.

Wondering if they’ll make assumptions about your age based on how far back your work history goes or what year you finished school. Wondering if they’ll make assumptions about your gender, race, ethnicity, or lifestyle based on your interests, spelling of your name, or other details you’ve included.

Instead, as a VA/VE, you get to vet your potential clients the same way they vet you. It’s not just employers reviewing resumes and making final calls to candidates. Nope. The VA/VE also researches and interviews the potential client and decides if it’s someone they want to pursue and, ultimately, work with.

The ”hiring and firing” power lies just as much with the VA/VE as the potential client. They can choose whether they want to work with a client as much as the client can choose whether they want to work with them. And they hold that equal power throughout the entirety of the relationship. They can “fire” a client at any point they choose. Additionally, the VA/VE can have several clients at one time. Not just one. So if one client doesn’t work out or isn’t the right fit, there are more clients to find. It doesn’t have to be dire if one person “quits” the other. It’s a simple contractual matter (“its business, not personal”).

There is no cap or glass ceiling to a VA or VE’s earning potential.

When deciding rates and pricing, the VA/VE gets to set them. They aren’t told what they’re being offered. They propose to the client what the cost will be for their services. The client can choose whether or not it fits their budget. VAs and VEs don’t have to settle for less or risk not being paid what they’re worth. There is no cap on the hourly rate or total income. . . No glass ceiling to their earning potential. There is no making only $.50 (or less) to every other person’s dollar; there’s no wage gap. VAs/VEs determine their rates and so they determine what they earn. Nobody else has a say.

There is space in the virtual business world for all.

As long as a VA/VE is a proactive, problem-solving professional, there is a place in the virtual business world for them. It doesn’t matter how old they are, what color their skin is, what they claim as their gender, or who they love and head home to at night. What matters is that they can support and serve business owners and entrepreneurs in effective and efficient ways that help them succeed.

Honestly, the greatest benefit of becoming a VA/VE is the limitless possibility for every individual. The barriers that exist within a traditional business world don’t withstand this virtual way of doing business. And, we are all better because of it. We are all happier and we are more valued for what our experience and skills bring to the table.

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