How to Grow Your Email List With Lead Magnets

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 As a Virtual Assistant, you need to attract leads to your business to help you grow your client base.

 Email marketing is an easy format to nurture your clients and keep your name top of mind. After you have set up the email campaigns, you can concentrate on other areas of your business.

 How do you get people to sign up for your email list? A lead magnet is a great way to build your email list.

 If you have ever visited a website as a consumer, you have come across an offer to sign up and get a free report, free list, or free something. When you sign up for the offer, you are granting approval to be added to the business’s email list - Now they can stay in touch with you through email.

Do you have a freebie or lead magnet for your Virtual Assistant business?

Let’s take a look at what makes a good lead magnet:

 1. Solves a problem - think of a common problem your target market frequently discusses with you. Is there something you can offer potential clients that may be useful for them? Your lead magnet should solve a problem or be something they need. (and maybe didn’t know they needed.)

2. Instant access - when the potential client signs up for your lead magnet, they should receive it instantaneously. There are many different systems you can use to automatically deliver the lead magnet immediately after they sign. No one likes to wait for access once they have committed to giving you their email address.

3. Value - the lead magnet should not only have a high perceived value, but it must also be useful for the recipient to keep them on your list.

4.Easy to read - the material you provide should be easy to read and understand. Don’t talk over their head or use industry jargon the layman would not understand.

5. Showcases your knowledge - This is your time to establish yourself as the expert in your niche. Show the reader that you know the topic well and help solve their problems quickly and easily.

Now you have the basis for a good lead magnet, it is time to figure out what you will offer. Some ideas for successful lead magnets are:

1. Checklists - with so many things to remember, a checklist is valuable to many business owners. A  thorough checklist will help keep you on task, accomplish the tasks in proper order, and help you avoid skipping a step in the process.

2. Resource list - what tools or other resources would your target market find useful in their day-to-day business operations? Create a list with links to any important sites for them.

3. Planners - a well-designed planner that is specific to the services you provide could be useful. For example, if you are a social media manager, you may offer a social media planner.

4. Templates - a template can be created from anything you can outline. The user may need to fill in some blanks. An example might be an email template where the user could personalize it for their business, copy, paste, and hit send.

5. Prompts - create a list of ideas that will stimulate the reader’s imagination. You could create blog ideas, video topics, or email subject lines to help them create original material for their business.

 These are only a few ideas to get you started. Evaluate your target market’s frequently asked questions to create a lead magnet that they will find appealing. You may want to change it periodically if you see a decline in sign-ups or want to focus on a different service.

Once they are on your email list, you can set up a campaign to stay in touch with them and provide relevant information in the form of an email or electronic newsletter.

As your email list grows, and you consistently nurture your subscribers, your business will grow.


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