How to Build Confidence in Yourself and Your Virtual Assistant Business

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The past—your history—provides insight into your life today. It explains how you got where you are. Your past may tell the story of struggle, of happiness, of obstacles overcome, of hard work, and many amazing successes.

Your story isn't over, it's only beginning.

You're in control of the script – and you have the power to write your own story.
It’s exciting that even though you’ve worked hard to get where you are, you have a desire for more. Whatever the reason that’s fueling you to want to keep pushing yourself—whether you’re currently in a traditional job or your own Virtual Assistant business—it’s not too late to add to your story.

And it's never too late to add a new act to your script.


How do you gain confidence in yourself and your Virtual Assistant business?

Your drive to keep pushing to reach your full potential likely stems from your self-confidence. A Forbes article states that “a fundamental lack of belief in our own value, worth, and ability to achieve consistently tempers female ambition and holds women back.”

As women, we often tend to sell ourselves short. Once you’ve reached a certain level of success, you may find that you accept that accomplishment and stop pushing for more. But you’re capable of great things, and you have the power to achieve bigger things. (Even greater than you currently realize.)

Being the heroine of your story involves having courage and confidence even when it appears all the odds are against you and others don't believe in you.

When I gave my letter of resignation to my boss at the fortune 500 company where I'd been working for over 18 years, he told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. He said, “You'll never earn this kind of money again.”

But I found it in myself to push through three things-- The doubt my boss had in my abilities. The lack of confidence my mother had and my ability to build a successful business. The fact that the odds were stacked against me because I had never had my own business. And I'm going to even throw-in a fourth one – my own self-doubt and fear.

Like me, you have to find it in yourself to push through the fear and self-doubt to reach your true potential.


Therefore, it’s essential to find the courage and confidence to:


Take a Risk

Pushing beyond the status quo is a risk. It’s easy to sit back and accept where you are. Except that you will always wonder “what if?” You are going to have that nagging feeling that you could have done so much more. You could have become something greater.

Consider what it is that’s holding you back. What are you waiting for? The perfect time? When will that be? One thing I know for sure is that the ‘perfect time’ never comes.

You have a choice: You can continue waiting for the perfect moment or take a calculated risk that empowers you to live the life you deserve, because this moment, right now, is the most ‘perfect time’ there will ever be.


Embrace Failure

No one is immune to failure. Failure is only the end if you allow it to be. Some of the most successful people—Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, for example—failed multiple times before they got it right. Does that diminish their success? No. They learned from each failure.

Instead of worrying about failure, embrace it. Embrace it, because the faster you fail, the faster you learn and grow. Failure is a part of learning. If something doesn't work the first time, find a new way until it does work.


Recognize You Are Enough

You are the only one who can write your script. No one else can do it for you.

You are enough simply because you are alive. If self-doubt is holding you back, changing your mindset can help you find the courage to go after your goals. You can learn, master, and excel at something new.

You have the power to write your script; what’s yours going to say?


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