How to Balance Working From Home and Homeschooling

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Are you longing to own a business of your very own that you can work while homeschooling your children?

Have you tried work-from-home jobs only to be disappointed?

Is it possible to create a business that you love and still be available for your children?

Learning how to become a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® can give you the best of both worlds.

Today, I’m going to tell you about Kate Wiley, a woman who has done just that!

Choosing to stay at home to raise and educate your children takes a dedicated parent. Homeschooling is not an undertaking that many families decide to tackle. To make homeschooling successful, the family has to make a lot of sacrifices.

Kate was well educated and had a fantastic career doing things like polymer research and chemical engineering. Yes, that is high-level stuff! Kate and her husband decided they wanted Kate to home school their three children even though it would mean sacrificing that second income.

Fortunately, and not surprisingly, if you know Kate, she and her children thrived in the homeschooling environment they created.

As the kids began to get older, Kate started to feel it might be time for her to go back to work outside the home, perhaps on a part-time basis. One reason she was considering this was to do something for herself. I hear this from a lot of moms. Kate's other purpose was to fill the financial gap created by family expenses. (Funny how as your children get bigger ... their needs and expenses seem to grow also.)

Uncertainty and doubt about getting a job outside the home began to enter Kate's thoughts. 

Who would hire her after being out of the workforce for 15 years? Would she be able to adjust to having a schedule that was dictated by someone else? Did she even want to work outside the home? After all, she still had three children to homeschool!

Kate began experimenting with ways to earn money and still be available to her family. Nothing seemed to work out for her. Her choices either took too much time away from her family, or she didn’t make enough money for the time she had to invest.

One day, Kate had a conversation about going back to work with an out of town friend who came for a visit. She told her friend, Cindy, that maybe she’d look into being a cashier at a local discount store.  Cindy shared the career she'd started and enjoyed: Working as a Virtual Expert®. Cindy told Kate about my Virtual Expert® Training program that had taught Cindy how to find, get and keep high-paying clients.

 Kate was excited about the idea of creating a business that she could do without leaving her home and that allowed her to continue to educate her children. The possibility of having something Kate could call her own was fascinating.

Kate and I scheduled a call to discuss whether she would be a good fit for my Virtual Expert® program. I knew from our conversation she was going to excel at whatever she chose to do.

Kate enrolled in the program. 

As she worked through the material, she was able to begin subcontracting with other Virtual Experts®. This allowed Kate to earn income while gaining confidence and exploring potential areas of specialization.

After trying out several niches, Kate decided to specialize in website creation and technology support. Today, she is an amazing asset to her clients.

Kate is doing so well in her business; she has recruited her husband to help her when he isn’t working at his job. The family goal now is to be able to have him retire from his current position and work with Kate full time in her Virtual Expert® business.

If you are thinking, that is great for Kate, but you’re not sure you could do this. . . 

Consider my motto "What one woman can do another can do."  Over the past 12 years, I've taught hundreds of women like Kate and you to create their thriving businesses on their terms. You can do it too!

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