How Admin/Executive Assistants "Crush It" as a VA

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The pandemic has resulted in layoffs, terminations, furloughs, suspensions, and all kinds of other things. While I sincerely hope you’re not reading this post because you’ve lost your job, I know that this reality is true for so many. The thing is, your skills and experience as an administrative/executive assistant are desperately needed right now even if that in-person office job didn’t or couldn’t keep you.

And if instead, you’re reading this post, not because of COVID’s impact on your job security, but plainly because you just need a change of pace, a change in the company you work for (or keep – think, colleagues), or are looking for more freedom, flexibility, and financial security, you are in the right place. I have great news for you.

You can become a VA.
Administrative/Executive Assistants make awesome VAs.

Here’s why:

Dynamite administrative/executive assistants are like giving a leader an extra lung to breathe. Leaders (or business owners) can focus their energy on envisioning and running the show while their support (the assistant) ensures that the show goes off without a hitch – on time and as it was intended. Regardless of a physical office location, administrative/executive assistants are needed in the virtual business space. Business owners still need administrative support in business operations.

Admin/exec assistants often support calendar management, document storage, meeting coordination and set up, client and team communications, and a great many other details that require their agility, organization, time management, and ability to see both the big and the fine details. Tons of virtual business owners – from coaches to speakers to accountants to designers and everything in between – are looking for someone they can pass off these administrative tasks to with assurance they’ll be taken care of.

Here are five services previous in-person administrative/executive assistants could offer as a VA: 

-Calendar management
-Meeting scheduling and agenda creation
-Document storage and organization
-Dictation and transcription
-Client and team communication support


If you had a job you loved as an admin/exec assistant but that job has disappeared as a result of lay-offs, or any number of other reasons that may have been COVID related, don’t lose hope. You can leverage all of your skills and all the years of experience into something that pays – become a VA.


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