Give Yourself the Gift of Starting Your Own Virtual Expert® Business

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As you reflect on your life, what do you long for?

-More time with family and friends?
-The joy of work you love performing?
-The flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you’d like and take your work with you?
-You feel like your hard work is appreciated?

What if you could give yourself a gift that empowers you to realize success on your terms?

We, as women, tend to forget to make ourselves a priority.

Today, I want you to consider giving yourself the best gift of all … the freedom to imagine, to wonder, and to take the necessary action that empowers you to build a fulfilling career. A career on your terms.

Starting your own Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® business gives you many gifts:

The Gift of Success on Your Terms

An unfulfilling job leaves you feeling stuck, drained and uninspired. You’re stuck performing tasks you hate, and any hope of a promotion depends on someone else’s evaluation of your performance.

The truth is that what constitutes success for one person is not necessarily the same for another. With your own business as a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert®, you are the real measure of your personal success. No one else can determine whether you’ve “made it” because you ultimately decide what success looks like for you.

As a Virtual Expert®, you can live your passions and push yourself beyond what you thought was imaginable. You have the freedom to work on tasks you love while helping people in industries that fascinate you. And, a Virtual Expert® business can grow with you. As you gain experience and discover new skills, you can incorporate those into your business. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

The Gift of Freedom

As a Virtual Assistant, you can create whatever business you can imagine. You also have the freedom to build your workday around your passions outside of your home office.

You’re not confined to a traditional work schedule, so you have the flexibility to work when and where you feel you’re most productive. With that freedom, you can attend events that are important for your kids or grand-kids.

You can spend quality time with your friends and family … at your home or theirs. You’re in control of your time and your location.

The Gift of Realizing Your Worth

Building your own Virtual Expert® business allows you to take pride in what you contribute to the world. You’re no longer stuck completing tasks you hate for clients who don’t value your contribution.

Instead, you can choose the services you provide for clients who understand your value and are willing to pay you what you deserve for those services. In turn, you build confidence and pride as you work hard to develop a Virtual Assistant business by cashing in on your skills — and your strengths—that help others achieve their goals.

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