Earn More As A Virtual Assistant By Increasing Your Problem-Solving Skills

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Being a problem solver is an important trait of successful Virtual Assistants and Virtual Experts®.

High-paying clients want to work with Virtual Experts® who can figure out a solution on their own without relying on an answer from the client. They want someone resourceful and adaptable.

Here are 4 ways to increase your problem-solving skills:


Shift Your Perspective

There’s not just one way of doing something. So, if something doesn’t work the first time, shift your perspective to figure out a method that does work.

Look at things in a new, creative way. Think of how you might approach the problem differently to solve it.


Ask for help

Share your dilemma with someone else, and get their ideas on how you might solve the problem. Even if they don’t know a lot about the issue, they may trigger an idea for you.

If you’re a member of a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® group, post your question or problem there, and ask for their help.

If you have a coach, email them and ask for their suggestions on how to solve the problem.


Take Your Clients’ Needs and Preferences Into Consideration

There are usually many solutions to one problem. Your response to situations and how you handle those situations will depend on the client.

Be adaptable and adjust your thinking to fit each client’s needs and preferences.

If you’re unsure which solution is the best for a client, suggest a couple of solutions, and ask them which they prefer. As you learn more about your client’s preferences, you’ll be able to anticipate what solution they prefer. That will make you even more valuable to them and their business. (Can you say irreplaceable?)


Brainstorm Multiple Solutions

Generate many ideas to best meet your clients’ needs.
Don’t accept the status quo. Instead, strive to find the best and most efficient way of doing something. As a problem-solver, you keep pushing, adapting, and learning to find the best result.


To learn more about how to increase your problem-solving skills and become a problem-solving Virtual Expert® that attracts high-paying clients, subscribe to my YouTube channel. Like and comment while you’re there.

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