Do Your Homeschooling Skills Translate to Virtual Assistant Skills?

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Have you been thinking about creating a Virtual Assistant business?


You've been homeschooling your children for many years, but you don't believe that gives you enough experience or skills to become a well-paid Virtual Assistant.


Perhaps you feel that staying home to homeschool your children created a massive gap in your employment history.


Here's the truth ... I can help you, like I've helped many other moms, translate those valuable homeschooling skills you have been honing into marketable skills for your very own Virtual Assistant business.


In this video, I will show you how valuable your homeschooling experience can be in creating a robust and viable foundation for your very own Virtual Expert® business.


If homeschooling were easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes the right type of person to keep those little people motivated and excited to learn. There is more to homeschooling than just regurgitating the curriculum.


You may be asking yourself right now, what are some of the skills that you have used in your homeschooling experience that could be transferred to your own Virtual Expert® business?


Let’s explore a few of these skills:

 1. Researching Skills –

There is a lot of research that goes into deciding that homeschooling will be the right choice for your child. First, you considered the benefits of staying home versus being in a public or private school. Next, you investigated the right curriculum, technology, and tools to use. You also had to determine what milestones your child will need to meet to satisfy all the state and local requirements. The research goes on and on as your child progresses through their schooling. Like you, a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® doesn't have all the answers, but they surely know how to research to find them.


2. Planning Skills –

Successful homeschooling starts with a good plan. What subjects will be taught on what days? How much of their school time will be instructional, and how much time will be independent study? Where can you go for field trips and other learning experiences that work with the current curriculum? Many entrepreneurs rely on Virtual Experts® who can see the big picture and help them layout an effective plan to attain their goals.


3. Scheduling Skills –

There needs to be a structure for each school day. Coordinating the day to provide ample time for everything takes a well-thought-out schedule that may even include some flexibility. Virtual Assistants can help business owners keep track of all their appointments, deadlines, and tasks.


4. Project Management Skills –

Project management is simply the process of leading a team to achieve goals and meet deadlines. Isn’t that what you do with your children in just about every aspect of the homeschooling process? Project management is a highly sought-after skill that many business owners want in a Virtual Assistant, to keep all the pieces and parts of their business running smoothly.


5. Problem-Solving Skills –

How do you handle daily disturbances that arise? (You know what I'm talking about!) What did you do when the internet was down, and you couldn’t access the day's lessons? How did you handle a child not finishing their work in time? What happened when something unexpected came up? Being a problem solver is an essential skill required for every type of business in our virtual world.


As you can see, what you have been doing as a homeschooling parent can be used in creating your very own Virtual Expert® business.


The list of skills you have sharpened by homeschooling your children goes on and on. I speak to many women who don’t see how these skills can set them up as successful Virtual Experts®. The skills you have learned and improved upon during your homeschooling years will work to your advantage when you create your Virtual Assistant business.


I can show you how to use the homeschooling skills you have developed to create the business of your dreams. Becoming a Virtual Expert® will allow you to be available when necessary for your family and create the life you desire.


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