Do You Think You Lack Experience Because You're A Stay-At-Home Mom?

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Not working a paying J.O.B. outside of your home does NOT mean you do not have the experience that would be valuable in creating your own Virtual Assistant business.


If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. “I don’t have any business experience. I don’t work outside my home. How can I start a business and attract high-paying clients?”


If you identify with that question, you need to keep watching this video!

In this video, I will explain how your daily home operations and child-rearing tasks can be valuable assets in creating a Virtual Expert® business of your dreams.


Here is how stay-at-home skills can translate to business skills for your Virtual Expert® business.


We tend to devalue the ordinary day-to-day life skills that we have perfected throughout our lives. We overlook the things we do routinely believing that everyone certainly can do that. The truth is that not everyone can.


Let’s take a look at the skills you have from the work you do daily and weekly to keep your home running smoothly.

1. Time Management – There are a lot of things that need to be done to keep a house in its tip-top shape. Scheduling your week to be able to handle all the tasks that need completing from house maintenance to bill paying requires scheduling. Running your own Virtual Assistant business effectively also takes time management skills. Believe it or not, busy entrepreneurs hire Virtual Assistants to help them manage their calendars and pay well for that service.

2. Organization – Your home most likely runs smoothly because of your ability to handle details, coordinate tasks, and set realistic deadlines. Those are all skills that make a great Virtual Expert®. Helping a business owner run their business requires organizational skills, no matter what area you decide to specialize in.

3. Prioritizing – There are only so many things you can do in a given week. You have to be able to sort through and determine what needs to be done first for the good of the household. This ability to set priorities is an undeniably vital skill to have when it comes to running your own business. If you only have 6 hours in a day to get work done, what needs to completed first? If your client has several different things they want you to do, you have to determine the order to finish them.

4. Managing – You probably find yourself handling many things from tasks to people. If you are a parent, leading your children is never-ending. The time and attention they need are never the same from day to day or child to child. Not only do you have to teach them life skills, but you also need to motivate and supervise them. As a Virtual Expert®, you may create a team you need to manage or work for a client who has you overseeing other Virtual Assistants or employees. You will be well equipped to handle the task with your experience.

5. Financial Management – Many financial areas are involved in running any household, which includes creating and following a budget, paying bills, and stretching a dollar. Not only will you use this knowledge in the running of your own business, but you may also use this knowledge when working with clients. 

Creating and maintaining a budget is hard for many business owners, and they will benefit from your abilities.


Assessing your daily tasks and the skills that are involved in completing them is an eye-opening exercise for many people who decide to start their own Virtual Expert®  business. You will be surprised how much of what you do to run your household translates into the same knowledge you need to run a successful Virtual Expert®  business.


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