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What’s The Best New Year’s Resolution? Do What You Love in 2023

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Look around. The signs are everywhere. Folks at the grocery store, the bank or picking up kids at school are dressed in workout attire. Smokers are chewing gum instead of taking a puff. And more and more people have that resolute look in their eyes. 

These signs can only mean one thing. It’s a new year and change is in the air. After that second glass of champagne, staring into a warm fire, alone or with a loved one, New Years’ resolutions are contemplated and with the coming of a new year, everything seems possible. This includes better health, better diet, overcoming bad habits and a recommitment to personal goals. Here’s one to consider:

Resolve to do what you love.

This resolution often involves how you make your living. According to Kathy Goughenour, the founder and CEO of Virtual Expert ® Training, “Every New Year, I see a lot of people interested in changing something about their lives that they are unhappy with. Many people are unhappy and unfulfilled at their jobs. So resolving to start a new career -- or a side hustle -- is often something that comes up as a resolution.

“If you've always worked for a company owned by someone else, you may not realize that you can do what you love AND replace your income doing it. I didn't realize it until I did it myself. 

“For me, it was all about being able to decide which services I wanted to perform, how much I wanted to earn, and who I wanted to work with. In other words, I wanted to be my own boss and not have limits set for me by someone else. This is especially true when that ‘someone else’ is a corporation who only sees employees as numbers. I'm not a number. I knew I had more to give, and more value to offer, than my corporate job ever knew!” 

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 A Step-By-Step Plan

New Year's resolutions are easy to dream about, but difficult to execute. Kathy suggests the following step-by-step plan.

“First, make the commitment. If you're just ‘interested,’ you won't go far. However, if you commit to giving it a try, even as a side hustle, then you'll be able to go further. If you’re not sure what you want to commit to? Attend my New Year, New Career workshop to discover what it's really like to work from home as a freelancer.

“Secondly, talk with anyone who needs to be involved in this commitment and discuss what you want and what you need to make this commitment. In my case, I talked with my husband and shared everything I wanted to do, what money and time investments it would take, and how long I wanted to give it before deciding if this was right for me. Then I kept talking with him as things progressed, so he always knew where we stood. That kept him from feeling out of control, and from worrying about how things were going.  

“Also, identify all the resources you need right away. Don't worry about those resources you don't need immediately to get started. The resources needed to start a virtual business are: (1) a laptop or desktop computer (no, an iPad or a mobile phone won't work) (2) a high-speed internet connection – anything at or above 15 Mbps download speed works and the faster the better (I have worked with internet speeds as low as 5, and while frustrating, it can still work -- and (3) a phone. That’s it. Most people already have these tools, so you can use what you have.

“Find a community and coach who will hold you accountable, support you, train you on how to build a business. It is important to find a coach and community who has already accomplished what you want to accomplish. They are the ones who can help you grow the fastest without spending excess time and money making and fixing mistakes. You'll save YEARS and TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars.

“Writing out specific goals with specific deadlines is the best way to take action. However, if you don't know what you don't know, how can you write it out? So, write out the dream of what you'd like your life to look like one year from now. The more details you can include the better. Little things make up the mosaic of your new life. What is your ideal day like? What does your office look like, smell like? What time do you get up? Do you get up without an alarm? 

“Finally, and most importantly, get started NOW. There is no perfect time, other than right now. Life is too short to wonder what could have been. I know people who've said, ‘Now isn't the perfect time’ for 5 years! And they are still stuck where they were and still unhappy. Doing nothing is a choice.” 

Doing What You Love

As someone who has made the move from being a cog in a large corporate machine, to being a self-employed, Virtual Expert, Kathy has first-hand experience with the rush of adrenaline that comes from doing what you love. 

She asks, “Do you really want to be where you are today one year from now? How will you feel if you are in the exact same spot next New Year? How will you feel in 2024, if you've started your own business in 2023? I believe you will feel EXCITED! You will be PROUD of your accomplishment! And FULFILLED in your life!  

“Dare to leap and the net will appear. Take the first step today -- make the commitment!”

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