Charge What You're Worth As A Virtual Assistant

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When I think about Virtual Assistants, wondering if they can actually get paid well, a part of me wants to roll my eyes because I’m thinking about all the dumb stuff we buy all the time that doesn’t actually bring us any value. 

Think of the last fitness DVD or treadmill you bought and how much you spent on it. Did you actually benefit from it? If you’re like me, probably not. But you bought it anyway.

People will definitely buy Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert® services

So, yeah, people will definitely buy Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert® services that are going to drastically change their lives and businesses. And they’ll pay GREAT money for them. (And not be hanging clothes on them within a month -- yes, I am guilty of doing that with my treadmill!)

Just because a service might seem like no big deal to you, doesn’t mean it’s not a HUGE deal to a client. 

Here’s a perfect example straight out of my community. 

Virtual Expert® Julie started her business as an administrative VA and email management VA. Her business is thriving. And she doesn't have just one client who pays 4 figures every month for email management and other operational services, she has multiple clients who each pay 4 figures. 

The last time Julie invoiced one of these clients, that client wrote back, saying:

"I’m grateful for the support... I have such a hard time sitting down to do email...I LOVE the way you’ve made doing readings a true breeze for me now. It’s given me the gift of precious time that I used to have to spend responding to appointment requests, billing, sending, following up on all those who failed to download or didn’t receive their readings, and all that. I’m grateful every day that I am free from this and that I finally have competent help. And look at how much my business has grown in the past year. I bow to you and your team." 

4-figures every month for email management IS worth EVERY PENNY to this client. 

This client not only has faith and trust in Julie and company, but the services rendered directly resulted in her business growing. This client could see that the investment she was making month-after-month in email management was totally worth it. 

Plus, Julie’s client feels FREE. And who wouldn’t want to purchase an incredible service that could guarantee that kind of relief in return? 

So don’t look at your services - email management or otherwise - and go “Is it really worth what I’m charging?” 

If you can spin gold when you do what you do best, then it’s completely and totally worth it. 

As Julie says, “Charge what you’re worth.” 

And I completely agree. 

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