Can You Replace Your Full-Time Income As A Virtual Assistant?

Mar 09, 2021

 Can I earn an income equivalent to my full-time position as a Virtual Assistant?” is a question I get asked a lot. 

If you are tired of the uncertainty, stress, and overwhelm that comes with working a traditional job, you might be surprised to know you can earn a comparable, if not better, income in your own Virtual Expert® business.

How can you replace the income you earn at your full-time position and create a Virtual Assistant Business from the comfort of your home?

 I train women, and a few men, how to create Virtual Expert® businesses that thrive!

I know leaving the reliability of a regular paycheck can be intimidating for sure. (That money fairy is enticing!) I also know you can create a Virtual Expert® business that may not only replace the income you were earning in your full-time J.O.B., but it can even surpass it. 

How do I know that? Because I did it myself!

When I left my job, the parting words from my boss were, “You will never make as much money as you are earning here.” Well, not only was I able to create a Virtual Assistant company that replaced my income, I exceeded it!

I hear you saying, “Sure, you could do it, but I don’t think I could ever do it.”

 I tell my Virtual Expert® group repeatedly, “What one woman can do; another woman can do!” And I see it play out day after day as I watch women create incredible businesses. I believe in this saying so much; I had it made into a T-Shirt! Yes, I did!

How can you accomplish earning the same if not more than your current full-time position? 

 Start with building a solid business foundation. Most people want to skip this step, thinking they can get to it later. I have found without that firm foundation; your business can get easily derailed.

Once you have set up your business for success with the legalities, the next step is to identify and narrow your niche. (Your niche is the specific service you provide to your clients.) 

An expert can always charge more than a generalist.

By narrowing your niche, you become an expert in that arena, a Virtual Expert.® An expert can always charge more than a generalist. You can expect to earn anywhere from $30 to $45 an hour starting out in your business when you are already skilled at the service you offer. As you gain more experience, confidence, and knowledge, your rates will increase. 

Many Virtual Experts® concentrate on learning a specific platform or technology that is in demand. We have experts in Kajabi, WordPress, Simplero, a variety of membership sites, and so many more tech platforms. There is always something new to specialize in as technologies emerge.

There are many small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for Virtual Experts® to help support their businesses.

There are many small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for Virtual Experts® to help support their businesses. I know because I network with these people daily. I am bringing awareness of the differences and advantages of working with a Virtual Expert® versus a Virtual Assistant.

 So all this to say, yes, you can replace your full-time income with a Virtual Expert® business working from the comfort of your home in your pajamas, if you choose! Like anything worthwhile, it will take some dedicated work, but you will be glad you did!

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