6 Tips for Trekking Through Tough Times

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Life isn't easy. In fact, a lot of times it's downright tough. 

I know I go through times of feeling heavy, and you probably feel it, too. 

I know if I’m having a hard time sleeping, you’re probably having a hard time, too. 

The exhaustion, the overwhelm, the stress, it’s real for all of us on some level no matter how centered and happy we are in our businesses. 

In this video, I offer a few suggestions for helping you through tough times.

Take time for yourself and take care of yourself

If it’s going for walks or taking bubble baths or Zooming with a friend, take care of yourself. You cannot take care of anything else if you don’t first take care of yourself.   

Get plenty of sleep and take time to rest

Easier said than done, I know, but look for ways to get the amount of sleep you need to feel rested. When we are rested, we operate at a higher vibration and are more clear about what we’re doing. 

Reduce consumption of negative input

I know we want to know what’s going on, but at some point consuming too much negative content (news, social media, that toxic relative), will reduce our positive energy and impact our stress levels. 

Set a timer. When the timer goes off, quit reading, quit watching.  

Create nightly and morning rituals

This will help you get centered at the beginning part of the day and wind down at the end of the day. 

You can try power phrases or mantras, journaling, exercise routines. Whatever it is that you can do consistently to bookend your day.  

Be intentional about your energy

The Universe gives back what you put out, so put out abundance energy and positive energy and optimism and gratitude. 

Lean in and on your community

We are all here for each other and together we help each other rise and get through the tough stuff. 

I’m always here, too, if you want to reach out directly. Post in the comments and let me know what’s happening for you. I’d love to support you in any other way I can. 


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