5 Reasons Moms Love Working As Virtual Assistants

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 You may be torn between wanting to be available for your children and contributing more financially to your family. You may find yourself working a J.O.B. and longing to be at home. Is there a way to have it both ways? I believe it is possible to earn income for your family and be available for them.

Many women have found the perfect balance by creating a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert® business.

I will share five reasons why Moms LOVE to become Virtual Assistants and Virtual Experts® and why this may be right for you too!

The number one reason becoming a Virtual Assistant is so appealing to moms is that you can be available for your children.

Childhood goes by so fast! I know it may not seem like it, but ask a parent with adult children!

Being available for your children is one thing you will never regret. Working as a Virtual Assistant allows you to create the perfect schedule not only for you but for your family too. You can set your work hours to coincide with your children’s needs.

Many of the Virtual Experts® in my community started part-time, tailoring their schedule around their kid’s schedules. Their businesses grew into full-time as their children became more independent.

The number 2 reason is flexibility. 

I don’t know a parent who hasn’t had to skip work because a child got sick, a snow day happened, or the teachers have an in-service day.

The unpredictable can happen when we least expect, as we have recently experienced. There is no need to find alternative childcare when you are running your Virtual Assistant or Virtual Expert®  business. You can stay home with the kids and be creative in finding time to get your work done.

When you are your own boss, no employer can be upset or threaten to fire you if you don’t show up. Your virtual clients only care that you meet the deadlines, not what time of day you get the work done.

The third reason moms love to work as Virtual Assistants is there is no commuting time in your day ... unless you consider how long it takes you to get from the coffee pot to your workspace!

Commute times to traditional jobs can be short or long. Eliminating even a short commute is enough time to get something done for, or with, your family! That extra time also gives you "found time" in your day to get a little extra done.

The fourth reason Moms love to work as Virtual Assistants is that they can “earn while you learn”!

In my Virtual Expert® training program, I teach how to build a solid foundation for your business before you ever concern yourself with skills training (most people don't need additional skills training). This proven method of creating a Virtual Assistant business will help you construct a Virtual Expert® company with longevity that you love.

Once you decide the niche you want to specialize in (and you do want to specialize to maximize your income) then you can uplevel the skills for your niche, if needed.

You do not have to know it all to start. You just need to know where to find the answers. You can learn by working for other Virtual Experts® who have the same or similar niche, you can take classes, or you can learn skills on YouTube! You only need to stay one step ahead of your client’s needs.

And the fifth reason Moms love to work as Virtual Assistants or Virtual Experts® is that they can earn good money

When you become a Virtual Expert®, you can charge a higher rate than if you are a generalist. Knowing the ins and outs of your area of focus can be extremely profitable. In my group, the average hourly rate is $45/hr. On the high end, I have Virtual Experts® who charge $100+ per hour depending on their niche and experience.

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