4 Disadvantages to Working from Home as a Virtual Expert®

disadvantages of working from home general problem solve remote work remote working telecommuting work from home working from home Aug 11, 2020

If you’ve watched any of my videos or read any of my blog posts, you know that I LOVE working as a Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert®. You also know that I’m big on truth-telling. Today, I’m going to do some truth-telling about the disadvantages to working from home as a Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert®


Here are 4 disadvantages to working from home as a Virtual Expert®:


1. Your To-Do List is exponential.

It seems like it is just part of life that To-Do lists are never-ending regardless of your work environment. The downfall when you work from home as a Virtual Expert® is that your To-Do list can feel like it’s mocking you since everything you have to do is always in front of your face.

When you work outside your home, there’s a natural separation between work tasks and home tasks. There are tasks you only can complete at work and there are tasks you only can complete at home.

When you’re working from home, that separation doesn’t exist. It can be difficult to ignore the laundry and dusting while you’re trying to complete your work.

On the other hand, you have the freedom to schedule your day as you desire, so if you’re someone who can’t ignore the household tasks and focus on your business tasks, then you can schedule accordingly to prioritize those tasks.



2. You have to make a conscious effort to exercise.

Because you don’t have to leave your house to go to work and all of your work is done sitting down when you work at home as a Virtual Assistant, you can go through the day without much physical activity.

As many studies have told us, exercise is important to your mental and physical health. Therefore, as someone who works from home, this just means you have to be more intentional about taking the time to engage in physical activity.

Luckily, you have the flexibility to schedule it as part of your day. You most likely also have more time to exercise because you no longer have to spend time commuting.


3. You may experience cabin fever.

Because you don’t have to leave your home to get to work, you can go days without ever leaving the house.

Being cooped up in your house for days on end can wear on you.

Fortunately, working as a Virtual Expert® doesn’t mean you always have to be home to do your work.

You can take your work with you anywhere you can get an internet connection. With many restaurants and coffee shops offering free Wi-Fi, you can take your work outside of your house to give yourself some variety.


4. You find you miss adult interaction.

There are some benefits of replacing your human coworkers with their canine counterparts. However, as social creatures, we crave and thrive upon human interaction.

Working from home as a Virtual Expert® means you can’t just walk to the cubicle next to you whenever need a quick chat.

Like finding time to exercise, you have to be more intentional about making time for social interactions.

Call a friend to meet you for coffee. Take a class about a hobby you’re interested in. Or join a group with people who have similar interests or experiences as you.


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