The 3 Things You Need to Master as a Virtual Assistant

becoming a successful freelancer how do i become a virtual admin virtual assistant Aug 12, 2022

Workers learned many valuable lessons from the COVID pandemic, but one of the most important was the freedom working from home gave them.  Without the confines of an office commute or cubicle, many workers found they were more productive at home. The Great Resignation occurred because these workers decided to become a freelancer.

The vast majority of office jobs can now be done virtually, and millions of workers have already proven it. Whether you’re just thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant or have started your business and aren’t sure how to grow it, this article is for you!

For those of you who are thinking about starting a Virtual Assistant business, you’re probably feeling scared. For good reason! Entrepreneurship isn’t easy (just ask those who have tried it!)

The great news is whether you’re just getting started or have already taken the leap and are struggling to grow your business, our research has found there are only 3 skills you need to master to completely replace your income as a Virtual Assistant!

They are:

  • Defining the types of projects you ENJOY
  • Learning how to get clients who will value YOU
  • Keeping the clients you WANT to work with

Let’s explore each of these!


Skill 1: Defining the Type of Projects You Enjoy!

Believe it or not, the first thing you have to learn is how to define the type of work you enjoy. In Corporate America, we are paid to do what we’re told to do. As a freelance virtual assistant, we must first figure out what we enjoy. Some virtual assistants like creative work, others like to manage email and calendars, and yet others find project administration work to be enjoyable.

We created this short quiz to help you take a step back and figure out what you LOVE to do. 


Skill 2: Learning How to Find Clients Who Value You

The scariest part of becoming a virtual admin is learning how to find clients who value you. The last part of that sentence is most important…VALUE YOU!

Too often virtual assistants look for clients to hire them, rather than clients who will value the work they do. That’s the key. When clients VALUE YOU…the work is more fun, and your income will quickly increase. 

While earnings will vary depending on the VA specialty, training, expertise, and industry served, the average USA-based Virtual Assistant earns $35 to $50 per hour, with some going as high as $175 per hour.  Many successful, US-based Virtual Assistants prefer to work an average of 20 billable hours a week (plus 5 to 10 non-billable hours a week), 50 weeks a year, at $50 per hour, and can quickly replace a corporate salary of $50,000 a year.

The Founder of Virtual Expert® Training, Kathy Goughenour noted, “Deciding to become a Virtual Assistant is not enough,” Kathy said. “We’ve helped many current VA’s, who have become frustrated with this career, learn some new “tricks of the trade.” Our training works for both existing Virtual Assistants and those who are currently employed in a traditional workplace, and ready for a change.”


Skill 3: Keeping the Clients You WANT to Work With

Once you’ve determined what type of work you truly enjoy, and learned how to find clients who value you, there’s really only 1 skill left! Keeping the clients that YOU want to work with.

The most empowering aspect of being a successful freelancer, is getting to “fire” the clients you don’t enjoy, to make room for more of the clients you do want to work with. Not only is this possible, but the team at Virtual Expert® has proven it. Our program graduates have quadrupled their income in the first year after taking our program, and part of how they do that is letting go of the clients they don’t enjoy working with.

“There’s something very powerful about releasing a client you don’t enjoy working with,” Kathy Goughenour. In our Virtual Expert® community, we celebrate successes, and letting go of clients that don’t value Virtual Assistants is a leadership action we enjoy celebrating.”


If you’re ready to start a virtual admin position, or are looking to expand your current freelance business, schedule a Free Breakthrough Session today!


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