Remote Jobs Can Go Anywhere

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I want to introduce you to Julie.

Julie is a graduate of my Virtual Expert® Training program and is totally location independent... Because she created her own remote job.

As she puts it: "my life fits in a suitcase, my business fits in a backpack, and I fit best in a big city with a waterfront ... New York City, Chicago, Barcelona, or Nice.)"

And she’s been to all four places by the way.

Since jumping on her remote job journey, she’s lived in the USA, Spain, Portugal, France, the Canary Islands, Austria, and Great Britain. And now she’s in Hong Kong.

When I first met Julie, she told me that she wanted to travel. She wanted adventure and to see the world. She wanted to be able to pack up and go wherever the wind blew her.

Since her niece was born four years ago, that wind tends to blow Julie wherever her niece is. And Aunt Julie has the ability to go whenever and wherever she feels like it.

Being a smart businesswoman, Julie knew she needed an income. She also knew she had amazing skills that were marketable and monetizable. Skills that could be turned into a thriving virtual business which she could run from wherever she had her laptop and WiFi.

Within one year of starting her business, through the Virtual Expert® Training program, Julie was making her dream of being location independent a reality.

Julie is proof of the flexibility and freedom that this career path provides and that remote jobs can truly take you anywhere you want to go.

Julie is a member of our Virtual Expert® Career Facebook Group. There, she answers questions about what it’s like to be location independent and work as a Virtual Expert®. I invite you to interact with Julie in our Facebook community which you can join.

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