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Hi, I'm Kathy, and I’ve helped hundreds of virtual assistants and freelancers (who knew nothing about creating a business) build profitable online businesses

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Ally Berthiaume

Ally always knew she wanted to be a writer. However, she was told repeatedly that "writing won't pay the bills." So, she got a Bachelor's degree in psychology and creative writing, and a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. But her degrees never translated to something beyond entry-level jobs - she was stuck in the assistant loop. 





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She decided enough was enough. Maybe a traditional career path just wasn’t for her. Ally reached out and Kathy invited her to her most recent (free) webinar which would allow Ally to get acquainted with what it meant to be a Virtual Assistant. 

Ally discovered that life as a VA would be the perfect path to achieve her goals to be both financially independent and secure while also feeling fulfilled and still available to her son. Ally scheduled a Breakthrough Session. For the first time, she saw how realistic it was to turn her passion for writing into her living. That she could create an entire business from the one skill she prized over all her others.

Ally said YES To her dreams and enrolled in the program within a week of her call. She left her job within 7 months and replaced her salary within her first year. Ally gets to honor the calling she’s had since she was a little girl. More importantly, Ally now works for a person who knows her true value and worth: herself.





Lisa Johns

For 11 years, Lisa worked for the local school district. As her children got older, however, she desired a different life, a more flexible life. Lisa grew tired of punching a clock and being on other people’s schedules. Lisa didn’t have to go too far to find a viable option. Her sister had taken the Virtual Expert® Training and spoke highly of it. Later, Lisa would say, what her sister had proven, “If you follow what Kathy says and do all the steps, it works.” 





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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything shut down including schools, and Lisa made the decision to start the Virtual Expert® Training program in April 2020. In July 2020, Lisa secured her first client thus marking the beginning of her new business. 

Since joining the program, Lisa has tripled her rate from what she was making at her job and has been able to leave her JOB. She is also aware that the earning potential in her business is unlimited, whereas, in her JOB, there was a cap to what she could make. Lisa also credits the program for learning new skills and meeting new people. “Not all successes are related to money,” she proudly proclaims. Her biggest success has been creating a career and lifestyle on her own terms and finally closing the “school” door.





Julie Trombley

For 19 years, Julie was a membership system coordinator for the State Realtor® Association. That is until the association got a new CEO and things went downhill FAST! It had become such a toxic environment that Julie developed stress-related chest pains. Needless to say, she knew that she had to get out. 





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At 51 years old, Julie knew that she didn’t want to spend any more time at that JOB. She began researching virtual assistant training and came across Kathy’s program. 

“I watched a few videos of her, in her tiara and fun-loving attitude and KNEW this was the program for me!”

She enrolled in the program and the rest, as they say, is history.

Julie started her training and new business, Tackle Your To Do, in the fall of 2019 while still working full-time. The day the world shut down – March 13, 2020 – due to Covid-19, Julie gave her two-week notice. “That was my very last day in that building and I haven’t looked back since!”

Julie marks her biggest success as being able to quit her job within 6 months of starting Kathy’s program.  Julie also credits her success to investing in herself by upleveling her coaching, and joining Kathy’s upper-level mastermind. “These are pretty big successes for me,” says Julie.





A Proven Success System

Our Virtual Expert® Success System is designed for:

  • Professionals who need support to transition from a corporate role to your own business.
  • People who want encouragement and support to create a new career.
  • Professionals ready to put in the work to make their dream come true.
  • People who want to take their skills to the virtual freelance marketplace.
  • Individuals who want to collaborate as part of a community of professionals.

What can you expect from Virtual Expert® Training?


Find inner power and defeat doubt.


Gain clarity on your goals and purpose.


Connect with other virtual experts.



Our most popular plan

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  • Cardio Beats
  • Yoga Pop
  • Unlimited access to every class on Kim Fit!
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Susie Thomas

"I would highly recommend you join. I'm looking forward to implementing all the wonderful things we're learning and continuing to network with all these amazing women!"

Adele Vermillion

"The takeaway thus far that I've gotten from this is just a reminder of why I signed up in the first place; being so empowered by Kathy and by the speakers and just the women in general."

Laurie Katapski

"An amazing experience. You will never regret everything you learn, all the people you met, all the feelings that you experience, and all the inspiration you're going to get for your business."

Cindy Kocsis

"The one (ah-ha) that keeps resonating with me from the very beginning is 'believe.' Believe that you have already achieved your goals and they will happen. "

Brenda Christopher

"I experienced stress and  anxiety, during the assessment and research. But it was very insightful; it really gave me a chance to look at how I want to run my business, build my life, and future."

Ivonne Cotto

“The support and training provided in the Virtual Expert Community have been monumental! I was able to secure a subcontracting gig with a member quickly.”

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