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If you are here, it is because you heard my interview with Bonnie Marcus on the BADASS WOMEN AT ANY AGE Podcast.

I hope you enjoyed listening to us as much as I did talking to Bonnie. Bonnie Marcus is a wonderful host who is enthusiastic about interviewing groundbreaking badass women and sharing their stories of doing extraordinary things to change perceptions and challenge the status quo.

I’m passionate about training women to be highly successful Virtual Experts® and helping them understand the opportunities available to them.

  • What did you hear on the podcast that resonated with you?
  • Could you relate to my story?
  • Do you want to learn how to create your own work-at-home Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert® business?
  • Do you want to see how much can you really earn as a Virtual Assistant?
  • Do you want to experience the freedom, flexibility, and financial security you desire and deserve?
  • Did you just want to learn more about that voice you heard on the show?

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you are here.

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After finding the courage to say “bye-bye” to my corporate marketing career (at the age of 44), I built a 6-figure Virtual Assistant business from my tiny house in the middle of a forest.

Yep, it's true...

Today, I teach professional women how to create their own work-at-home Virtual Assistant and Virtual Expert® businesses so they too can enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and financial security they desire and deserve.

I'm so proud of the amazing Expert VA® and Virtual Expert®s on my team. Together, we have changed the landscape of training for this industry.

Virtual Expert® Training and I have been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, and many other national platforms.

It doesn't matter what level or stage you are at in your career as a Virtual Assistant. My program has a place for you. Whether you want to work part time or full time as a VA, we offer a comprehensive approach to creating YOUR career.


Virtual Expert® Training has :

  • the lessons,
  • the coaching,
  • the community
  • the experience,
  • and all the support you need to be the most successful virtual assistant professional you can be!

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